PrepWell Podcast - Ep. 20 | How To Help Your Child Develop a Theme

prepwell podcast Feb 14, 2020

Show Notes:

In this episode, we dig into what it means for a college application to have a “theme”?  A theme is an overarching framework that highlights what your child is interested in, what they’re good at, what they may want to major in, may want to pursue a career in, or maybe just a field they want to work in. 
How do their classes, grades, extracurriculars, clubs, letters of recommendation, summer experiences - all come together to create a compelling and memorable theme? Can you describe the theme with a word, phrase, or sentence?  
I cover the following themes in this episode: (1) Medicine, (2) Math, (3) Business, (4) Engineering, (5) Environmental Science.

Here is what I discuss in this episode:

0:01:25 What is a college application theme?
0:03:40 What is the application reader thinking?
0:04:43 What’s the catch?
0:07:08 Case Study Theme: Medicine
0:12:16 Case Study Theme:...
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PrepWell Podcast - Ep. 19 | How To Help Your Child With Their Summer Plans

prepwell podcast Feb 09, 2020

Show Notes:

In this week’s show, I try my best to help you, help your child, figure out what to do this summer. If you’ve been following this podcast for some time, it shouldn’t take much to convince you how important summer experiences can be for your child - not only to make their college application look better - but for real life as well. 
I know, it’s not easy to figure out what to do with teenagers over the summer. Especially if they don’t drive, or work, and you do work, and everything seems so expensive. That’s why I’m recording this podcast - to give you some ideas. Yes, this is challenging time - and yes, colleges are expecting bigger and better things from students as competition grows. It means that it will take more effort and planning on our part. No problem. Ill show you how to make it happen. I believe the effort will be worth it - no matter how things end up in the college admissions process.  
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PrepWell Podcast - Ep. 18 | How is Your Child Wired?

prepwell podcast Feb 02, 2020

Show Notes:

Ive identified three different types of teenagers and likened each one to a lightbulb: (1) Bright Bulb, (2) Flickering Bulb, (3) Dim Bulb. Where does your child fit into this paradigm? How can you use their status to help them through these formative years?

Here is what I discuss in this episode:

0:01:40 What are the three different types of teenagers?
0:04:35 The Bright Bulb
0:07:45 The Dim Bulb
0:10:45 The Flickering Bulb
0:16:02 How are the Bulbs distributed?

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Podcast Host: PrepWell Academy's Founder, Phil Black, has spent a lifetime cracking...
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PrepWell Podcast - Ep. 17 | Is Your Child Apathetic About The College Admission Process?

prepwell podcast Jan 26, 2020

What I discuss in this episode: 

In this episode, I review some of the reasons why a teenager might be less-than-enthusiastic to begin thinking about the college admissions process in 9th or 10th grade. I then give suggestions on what a parent can do to help turn the tide.

0:02:20 Why focus on 9th and 10-graders?
0:02:54 Reason #1: Fear
0:03:34 Reason #2: Social Proof
0:04:45 Reason #3: No curriculum
0:05:08 Reason #4: Immaturity
0:05:31 Reason #5: No Role Models
0:06:01 Reason #6: Too many distractions
0:06:32 Reason #7: Short-term perspective
0:07:06 Reason #8: Ill-prepared parents
0:07:50 What can parents do to motivate their children?
0:08:22 Option #1: Rely on your high school
0:09:00 Option #2: Become Subject Matter Expert
0:09:30 Option #3: Do nothing
0:10:24 Option #4: Enroll in PrepWell Academy
0:15:52 How to use PrepWell Academy with your child
0:16:40 Finding the right time,...
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PrepWell Podcast - Ep. 16 Should Your Child Specialize In Their Sport?

prepwell podcast Jan 19, 2020

Show Notes:

Today, I make the case for sports specialization - the process by which families decide that it’s in the best interest of their son (or daughter) to focus exclusively on one sport - and so they drop all the others (along with other extracurriculars in many cases)
For example, a boy who has always played football, basketball, and lacrosse while growing up (all in different seasons), decides to drop everything but lacrosse in 10th grade.  Or, a girl, who has played volleyball and softball growing up - decides to go all-in on soccer in 9th grade. 
Is this a good idea? What does the timing look like? What are the advantages and potential drawbacks of this strategy? 
Now, If your child is not an athlete, then you might not get as much value from this episode, but I still think there are a lot of great lessons to be learned. The episode is geared toward families who have children who have grown up playing multiple sports, and...
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PrepWell Podcast - Ep. 15 | Why Colleges Love Leaders and How Your Child Can Become One

prepwell podcast Jan 12, 2020

Here is what I discuss in this episode:

0:01:03 Why do colleges seem to love leaders?
0:04:13 How can you help your child become a leader?
0:05:55 Why is it so important to start early?
0:07:23 What happens if your child waits too long?
0:08:20 Can 9th and 10th graders become leaders?
0:09:44 What about starting your own club?
0:11:10 What about a Shark Tank Club?
0:12:05 Don’t make this mistake
0:12:45 What about Captains of sports teams?
0:14:37 How your child’s job demonstrates leadership
0:15:15 Students who lead their families
0:15:45 Tried-and-True leadership opportunities
0:16:30 How important is leadership to military programs?
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PrepWell Podcast - Ep. 14 | Top 10 Things Your High Schooler Should Have done This Year

prepwell podcast Dec 29, 2019

Show Notes:

In this episode, I share with you what every 9th, 10th, and 11th grader should have done between June and December of this year (the first half of the academic year).
I lay out these 10 DIRECTIVES by grade (9th, 10th, and 11th), with a short explanation as to why each is so essential. 
If your child is a PrepWeller, who has been keeping up with their videos for the last few months, this will be old news to them. They will have heard this (ideally) and taken action and been on their way. They are my superstars. If you are the parent of a PrepWeller, who hasn’t quite kept up with the weekly lessons, well, now you’ll learn 10 of the most important things that I’ve been directing your child to do since June. Yes, these are just the tip of the iceberg, but worth noting  And, hint hint, it might be a good idea for you to check-in with your child to see how they’re doing with these directives.

Here is what I discuss in this...

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PrepWell Podcast - Ep. 13 | How to Keep Track of your Child’s Extracurricular Activities

prepwell podcast Dec 22, 2019

Show Notes:

In this episode, I discuss how to help your child keep track of their extracurricular activities. There are many options - some of which your child (or you) may already be doing - from doing nothing, to recording events in a notebook, collecting articles or certificates in a physical folder, updating a computer file or spreadsheet - or, doing what PrepWellers do - which is updating, in real-time, their own LinkedIn profile. 
The goal of these options (and there are plenty of others) is to document important moments in your child’s life.
Today, Im going to walk you through the importance of this process and each of the steps required to be successful.

What I discuss in this episode: 

0:01:37 How do PrepWellers track their activities?
0:02:08 Why should my child track their activities?
0:03:50 A practical reason to track activities
0:04:15 How will tracking help with college applications?
0:05:25 When...
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PrepWell Podcast - Ep. 12 | Should my child take the SAT or ACT?

prepwell podcast Dec 15, 2019

Today, we’re talking about how to approach the SAT and/or ACT - the two standardized tests that most colleges will use to assess your child’s readiness for college.
This is a very important topic. As with most things related to college admissions, students and parents should get involved far sooner than they think - if they want to do well.
That’s the entire point of this podcast, and PrepWell Academy - to give you the early head’s - to help you prepare early - so that your child can perform well.
Here are some questions I address:
  • How do I approach these tests?
  • When should I take these tests?
  • Which test should I take?
  • What’s the difference between the tests?
  • How do I compare an ACT and SAT score?
  • Should I take one or both?
  • How big a deal is my score?
  • How many times should I take it? 
  • How much should I expect to improve?
  • What are the best ways to prepare for these tests?
  • What if I don’t want...
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PrepWell Podcast - Ep. 11 | Everything you Need to Know About College Affordability

prepwell podcast Dec 08, 2019

In this episode, I break down the financial terminology and buzzwords surrounding college affordability. Unlike most generic overviews, however, I explain how these terms actually affect our lives. How much will college actually cost? At what income level does need-based aid disappear? And other difficult questions...

Show Notes:

In this episode, I advise parents on what they need to know about paying for college - before it’s too late. If parents put their heads in the proverbial sand until junior or senior year of high school, their financial flexibility may be severely limited. Listen to this podcast to orient yourself to the timing, relevance, and potential risks associated with today’s college costs and what you can do about them.

In this Episode:

0:00:51 Why is it hard to get straight answers from parents about financial aid?
0:02:00 What matters when it comes to paying for college?
0:03:15 The importance of early planning 
0:03:23 A...
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