PrepWell Podcast - Ep. 13 | How to Keep Track of your Child’s Extracurricular Activities

prepwell podcast Dec 22, 2019

Show Notes:

In this episode, I discuss how to help your child keep track of their extracurricular activities. There are many options - some of which your child (or you) may already be doing - from doing nothing, to recording events in a notebook, collecting articles or certificates in a physical folder, updating a computer file or spreadsheet - or, doing what PrepWellers do - which is updating, in real-time, their own LinkedIn profile. 
The goal of these options (and there are plenty of others) is to document important moments in your child’s life.
Today, Im going to walk you through the importance of this process and each of the steps required to be successful.

What I discuss in this episode: 

0:01:37 How do PrepWellers track their activities?
0:02:08 Why should my child track their activities?
0:03:50 A practical reason to track activities
0:04:15 How will tracking help with college applications?
0:05:25 When should my child start tracking activities?
0:06:30 What should your child keep track of?
0:07:00 What categories should we track?
0:12:10 What are the options to track activities?
0:14:06 My preferred method to track activities
0:16:15 What do some students include in their LinkedIn?
0:18:20 See example of “Chris PrepWell” LinkedIn profile

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