PrepWell Podcast - Ep. 4 | How Extracurricular Activities Impact the Strength of Your Child’s College Application

prepwell podcast Oct 20, 2019

Show Notes:

In today’s show, I discuss strategies and recommendations for Extracurricular Activities that take 2-3 years to plan and execute. They are not short-term gimmicks or shortcuts. Pack a lunch.
If you have a child in 11th or 12th grade, it may be too late to implement these strategies to full effect.
This podcast is primarily for conscientious parents who are trying to help their aspirational 8th, 9th and 10th graders do the right things now to help them be successful later (2 or 3 years from now) in the college admission process. Here’s what we’ll discuss:
Topic 1: What Activities are Considered “Extracurricular”?
Topic 2: How Most Families Approach Extracurricular Activities 
Topic 3: How Most Families Should Approach Extracurricular Activities
Topic 4: How Important are Extracurricular Activities in the Admissions Process
Topic 5: How Thinking About This Topic Now Gives You a Big Advantage
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Here is what I discuss in this episode:

0:02:55 Topic #1: What Counts as Extracurricular Activities (ECs)?
0:03:41 Lesser known ECs
0:04:37 Topic #2: How Most Families Typically Approach ECs
0:05:14 The Shotgun Approach to ECs
0:05:50 Collecting versus Connecting your ECs
0:06:36 The Problem with Disconnected ECs
0:07:30 Case Study (Jane): Random Collector of ECs
0:09:18 What Jane Left out of Her ECs
0:10:00 What Could Jane have Done Differently?
0:12:08 Topic #3: How Families Should Approach ECs
0:12:46 What if My Child is Clueless About Their Future?
0:13:45 How To Help Your Child Think About their Future
0:14:25 How This Skill Will Be Used Over and Over Again
0:15:00 What if My Child is a Complete Blank Slate?
0:16:33 Topic #4: How Important are ECs anyway?
0:18:13 When ECs Really Matter
0:19:25 What colleges need, specifically
0:20:17 How Admissions Officers Assess ECs
0:21:44 Best ECs Checklist
0:22:11 Summary Thoughts

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