Will Rohan Get into USNA or ROTC?


As a college admissions counselor specializing in students with big ambitions (e.g. Ivy League, Military Service Academies/ROTC, Athletic scholarships), I have seen dreams realized, shattered, and everything in between.

Case Study

In this case study, I discuss whether Rohan has what it takes to get into the United States Naval Academy or win an ROTC scholarship. These insights can be applied to similar service academies (e.g. West Point, Air Force Academy, Merchant Marine Academy).

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Rohan just finished his junior year at a big public high school in MA. He hadn't thought much about applying to a service academy and didn't even know what ROTC was. No one ever introduced these two options to him. Now, as Rohan begins to prepare his college applications, he is struck by the amount of work required during the process.

Will Rohan be too late to submit a solid application?

Here are the summary findings for Rohan:

Objective Academic Metrics:

Pretty good.

  • ACT: 30
  • GPA: 4.0 (weighted)
  • SAT Subject Tests: 680, 690
  • Rigor of classes: moderate


Sports (baseball, rugby, ultimate frisbee); dog-walking; Sea Cadets

Honors & Awards:

Graduated top 10% in class

Letters of Recommendation:


Demonstration of Interest:






Will Rohan have what it takes to get in? Check out the video to hear my rationale.


  • Rohan was late to the game. He squandered several summers without doing much because he didn't know any better.
  • Although involved in activities, Rohan didn't take on any significant leadership roles.
  • Rohan had at least 5 blanks left on his extracurricular activity list.
  • Rohan didn't have much in the way of community service. The military service academies are all about "service" (that's why it's in the name). The lack of service in his background is notable.


In the end, Rohan's chances were dimmed by his late start. He would have been much more competitive if someone prompted him at the appropriate times to think about: (1) class selection, (2) study strategies for ACT, (3) leadership ideas, (4) summer activities, (5) service opportunities, (6) building relationship with teachers, etc.

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