When was the last time you had an in-depth assessment of your teenager? Maybe never? Ever wonder how your child stacks up against their peers? Are their goals and aspirations realistic? Do they have a clue?

In our popular "Size Up" program, I talk with your child for 45 minutes about school, grades, sports, social media, extracurriculars, ambitions, college, etc. After our session, I prepare and send a Student Readiness Scorecard that grades your child in a variety of dimensions (e.g. conscientiousness, presentation, academics, extracurriculars, leadership, athletics, work experience, college knowledge, etc.).

This valuable information will help you gauge how much (or how little) guidance your child may need as they enter one of the most challenging times of their lives. Click here to schedule a Size-Up for your child.

1:1 Consulting

Some students need more guidance than others - especially those who are targeting highly-selective programs down the road (e.g. Ivy League, athletic scholarships, Service Academies, ROTC scholarships). These are ambitious goals and sometimes it's nice to have an expert in your corner to ask specific questions.

For students who want to supplement or reinforce the information taught in the weekly videos, there are opportunities to book 1:1 time with me throughout the year.  Please click here and let me know what type of engagement and advice you are seeking.

Private Mentorship Plan

Our highest-level of personal service and mentorship based on the individual needs of a student. The program includes all of the video lessons, the PrepWell Journal, the Size-Up, Student Readiness Scorecard, as well as regularly scheduled 1-on-1 sessions with me.

This is especially valuable if your child is interested in one of my areas of deep expertise: (1) military options (service academies like the U.S. Naval Academy or ROTC scholarships), (2) Ivy League schools, and (3) Student-Athletes who want to play sports in college. [Note: because of the depth of these relationships, I only accept a small number of students per year for this Plan. Please click to inquire about availability or to get on the waiting list]


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