Pathway for Sophomores Includes:

Ongoing Mentorship

Teenagers often respond better to advice from non-family members - especially when it comes from a 6'7" former Navy SEAL who has explored many different paths in his own life. Such mentorship and positive influence can play an important role in your child's development. Phil Black has the unique ability to inspire, challenge, and connect with your child on many levels.

Shark Tank Contestant

Have you seen Phil on Shark Tank? His episode has aired dozens of times. Your child will learn the habits and mindset that contribute to Phil's entrepreneurial and lifelong success.

Jack of All Trades

Phil's work experience is wide and deep. He has distilled the lessons from his unique career path into 8 Repeatable Skills that every high school student should master.

Master Motivator

Phil tours the country inspiring teens to imagine, plan, and execute on their dreams. He uses his communication skills as a former Navy SEAL Instructor to get their attention.

52 Weekly Video Lessons

The weekly video lessons teach your sophomore (and you) what you need to know and when you need to know it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Enjoy peace of mind that you are "in-the-know" on important milestones and key dates. We have done all the legwork so you don't have to. Video access on any device makes it easy to learn anytime, anywhere - especially for your connected teenager. Click the video for a brief tour inside PrepWell Academy (Sophomore).


Sample Lesson Topics

Pathway is our foundational program that is taught 100% online. Here are a few topics covered during sophomore year: LinkedIn Account, Growth vs. Fixed Mindset, PSAT 10, FAFSA, Active Reading, Computer Organization, Career Exploration, Community Service, Guidance Counselor, Foreign Language, Social Media, What Colleges Expect, Email Best Practices, AP and Honors, Class Selection Strategies, Resilience, Wall Calendars, Importance of Math, Networking, Summer Planning, Goal Setting, Service Orientation, Angular or Well-Rounded, Demonstrated Interest, How to Study Smarter, How to Avoid Procrastination, Current Events, Extracurricular Activities

Real World Skills

Our multi-year curriculum addresses far more than the nuts-and-bolts of college applications. We teach skills that transcend high school and will help your sophomore develop into a confident, resourceful, and fearless problem-solver. We cover topics such as manual literacy, self-defense, entrepreneurship, social media management, how to stop an overflowing toilet bowl, how to shut off the gas to the house, SMART goal-setting, patent searches, and more.

Weekly Email & Text Reminders

Does your sophomore go for days without checking or responding to emails? PrepWell stresses how important this life skill will become for them very soon. In the meantime, during this transition, we connect with your child where they feel most at home - on their phones. We will text your child every week with a courtesy prompt to remind them to view and engage with their weekly video lesson. We happily take on the role of nagging parent - to free you up for bigger and better things.

Motivated by Love

If there was any doubt why Phil Black went back to college (again) to get credentialed in College Admissions Counseling or why he spent the last four years researching, decoding, teaching, and developing this world-class curriculum, this photo says it all. As a full-time firefighter, Phil has a dangerous job. There's no guarantee he'll make it home every night. When it comes to his family, he refuses to take any chances. He built this program out of love for his four sons. And now, thanks to the power of the internet, it's available for any high school student in America.

What are you waiting for? 

Save yourself the hassle of figuring everything out on your own and set your sophomore on the right path to succeed. Enroll your sophomore in Pathway today and begin your journey...


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