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Ongoing Mentoring

Teenagers often respond better to advice from non-family members - especially when it comes from a 6'7" former Navy SEAL who has explored many different paths in his own life. Such mentorship and positive influence can play an important role in your child's development. Phil Black has the unique ability to inspire, challenge, and connect with your child on many levels.

Shark Tank Contestant

Have you seen Phil on Shark Tank? His episode has aired dozens of times. Your child will learn the habits and mindset that contribute to Phil's entrepreneurial and lifelong success.

Jack of All Trades

Phil's work experience is wide and deep. He has distilled the lessons from his unique career path into 8 Repeatable Skills that every high school student should master.

Master Motivator

Phil tours the country inspiring teens to imagine, plan, and execute on their dreams. He uses his communication skills as a former Navy SEAL Instructor to get their attention.

Weekly Video Lessons

Weekly video lessons teach your child (and you) what you need to know to be competitive in the Ivy League Admissions process. Enjoy peace of mind that you are "in-the-know" on what has to happen (and when) to be well-positioned for the rigorous application process. We have done all the legwork so you don't have to. Video access on any device makes it easy to learn anytime, anywhere - especially for your connected teenager. Click the video for a brief tour inside PrepWell Academy.


Sample Lesson Topics

SAT or ACT?, Early Action or Regular Decision?, College Essay Advice, Letters of Recommendation, Superscoring, The Common App, Supplemental Essays, Ivy Index, Application Spreadsheet Organizer, Refining the College List, Internships, Career Awareness, Resume Review, College Visits, Merit Scholarships, What's Your Hook?, Social Media, LinkedIn Profile, What Ivy League Colleges Expect, College Research, College Majors, Financial Aid, What's your Brand?, How to Manage Deadlines, Dealing with Failure, Networking, Angular or Well-Rounded, Angle: Special Talents, Demonstrated Interest, Current Events, Angle: Academics, What To Do if Deferred, Gap Year Options

PrepWell Academy Journal

Includes a 75-page, high-quality, durable, spiral-bound, journal that your senior uses while watching their weekly videos.  This keeps them organized, on task, and focused. The journal helps to capture their thoughts and reinforce key concepts along the way. It also acts as an accountability tool, conversation-starter, and tangible measure of progress for parents. This will become your child's primary reference tool and activity tracker for the rest of the year.

Initial Consultation

Once your child submits their Personal Profile, we thoroughly review their background, grades, transcript, summer experiences, and interests. A subsequent 45-minute interview allows us to get to know each other even better. The session includes an assessment of their high school achievements, any potential angles that would appeal to Ivy League schools, and instruction on how to use their PrepWell Journal. The session builds rapport and establishes an accountability partner not named Mom or Dad.

Student Readiness Assessment

After our initial consultation, we review our notes and compile a comprehensive, written student readiness report that grades your child across several dimensions (e.g. conscientiousness, engagement in the call, academic horsepower, extracurricular activities, leadership, college awareness, career ideas, progress on essays and applications, potential hooks, etc.). This valuable snapshot helps parents gauge how their child is doing compared to their peers. It also provides a window into what work needs to be done to become a viable Ivy League applicant this year.

Motivated by Love

If there was any doubt why Phil Black went back to college (again) to get credentialed in College Admissions Counseling or why he spent the last four years researching, decoding, teaching, and developing this world-class curriculum, this photo says it all. As a full-time firefighter, Phil has a dangerous job. There's no guarantee he'll make it home every night. When it comes to his family, he refuses to take any chances. He built this program out of love for his four sons.  And now, thanks to the power of the internet, it's available for any high school student in America.


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