PrepWell Academy is a counseling program that helps high school students (and their parents) navigate the college admissions process - from freshman year through senior year.


We believe that students who engage early in the process (e.g. freshman and sophomores) have a distinct advantage over those who engage late (e.g. junior and senior).


Our video-based curriculum is built to grow as your son or daughter matures. Videos are intentionally produced in short and easily digestible bites that can be consumed on any electronic device.


We also believe that a student's path is dynamic and can change over time based on how they develop and mature. To manage this volatility, we created three learning strategies to suit a wide range of students, abilities, and available resources:

  • Pathway: 100% online
  • Premier: hybrid of online and personal interaction for a specific goal (Ivy, Athlete, Military)
  • Private: 100% customized 


Lastly, we are convinced that the more (and sooner) a student takes ownership of the college admissions process - the better.

Ideally, our program is managed by the student themselves.

Middle Schoolers

If your son or daughter is still in Middle School, sign up here to stay updated. We'll reach out to you when the timing is just right.

Check out a brief tutorial of what PrepWell Academy looks like on the inside:


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