PrepWell Academy is a one-of-a-kind, online mentoring program that helps high school students (and their parents) navigate the college admissions process - from freshman year through senior year.

We believe the key to a successful experience lies between the two traditional options available today: (1) parent/student-driven approach and (2) full-service college counselor-driven approach.

Leaving the process up to the parent and student alone can be overwhelming and difficult to manage on many levels. Spending $4K-$12K+ for a private college counselor who handles everything is expensive and can lead to student disengagement and failure to learn critical life skills.

PrepWell Academy believes that there is a middle ground that combines the best of both worlds.

PrepWell 1.0 provides the most affordable educational path to support a student/parent-centered approach with perfectly-timed weekly videos that guide families through every phase of the college admissions process.

PrepWell 2.0 offers a second plan that is similar but includes optional 1:1 counseling for families who feel more comfortable knowing they have access to an expert to fill in any gaps during the process.

We also have premium options for aspiring college athletes (Athlete Plan) as well as those interested in potential military options such as the U.S. Naval Academy, Air Force Academy or ROTC programs (Military Plan).

Once enrolled, student (and parent) will begin to receive weekly video lessons from Phil Black, PrepWell's Founder, who shares the life strategies, disciplnes, and habits  that helped him succeed in some of life's most challenging environments: Yale University, Harvard Business School, Goldman Sachs, U.S. Navy SEALs, Firefighting, Entrepreneurship, and ABC's Shark Tank.

These weekly video "drips" spread out critical information into digestible bits that students and parents can keep up with. We prefer this teaching method over a panic-inducing "data dump" experienced in the middle of junior year - often when it's too late.

If your son or daughter is still in Middle School, sign up here to stay updated. We'll reach out to you when the timing is just right.

Check out a brief tutorial of what PrepWell Academy looks like on the inside:


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