As your virtual coach and mentor – I deliver one, well-timed and concise video per week for the entire year where I cover everything a student (and parent) needs to know about the college admissions process from 9th to 12th grade.

The weekly videos compress critical information into bite-sized lessons that students can understand and digest. I prefer this teaching method over a panic-inducing "data dump" experienced in the middle of 11th grade - when it's too late.

Plans differ based on student aspirations.

  1. Pathway: for students who aspire to attend selective college or universities (Top 200 schools).
  2. Ivy: for students who aspire to attend the most-selective college programs (e.g. Top 50, Ivy League, Stanford, Northwestern, UCLA, etc.). The curriculum contains more sophisticated tips and advice that are critical in preparing the foundation for a run at the country's top programs. Perfect for the motivated student who wants to learn the subtle secrets of breaking into world-class institutions.
  3. Military: for students who aspire to attend a service academy (e.g. Naval Academy, West Point, Air Force Academy, etc.) or earn an ROTC Scholarship. This comprehensive curriculum helps students identify and complete the extra layers of administrative and logistical paperwork required for these programs (e.g. congressional nominations, fitness tests, interviews, aptitude tests).
  4. Athlete: for students who aspire to play sports in college. This would include student-athletes seeking scholarship opportunities or simply looking for ways to use their athletic prowess to get into colleges they otherwise wouldn't get into. Athletic recruiting begins earlier and earlier and requires specialized guidance, awareness, and perspective.

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