Why PrepWell?

Early Engagement

PrepWell Academy is an online mentoring program that helps your child (and you) navigate the college admissions process - with particular focus on early engagement.

Unlike most college admissions programs, I begin working with students in 9th and 10th grade. This is when the magic happens.

Today, students who wait until 11th or 12th grade are too late to the game.

I specialize in helping students who aspire to attend:

  • Top 200 college
  • Top 20 college (Ivy and near-Ivy League schools)
  • Military service academy (e.g. Naval Academy, West Point, etc.) or earn an ROTC scholarship
  • Play sports in college (e.g. scholarship opportunities).

I believe students who engage early in the process (freshman and sophomore year) have a disproportionate advantage over those who engage later.

Fact: Nearly 70% of the body of work that appears on your child's college application is already spoken for before they step one foot into 11th grade. Why would your child ever wait until 11th or 12th grade to get started? 

Key Benefits

  1. Early birds – Unlike most programs, we start early - ideally after 8th grade graduation. Of course, we have PrepWellers who enroll during 9th and 10th grade - but the earlier the start – the better.
  2. Perspective - I use my wide-ranging experiences as a Div I recruited college athlete, Yale and Harvard Business School graduate, Goldman Sachs Investment Banker, Navy SEAL Officer, entrepreneur, firefighter, high-performance coach, college admissions expert, husband and father of four children to inform each of the weekly lessons. Your child will be exposed to the disciplines, mindset, habits, and strategies that lead to world-class success.
  3. Online – The last thing you need is another "event" to schedule and drive to. Most of our education is delivered online, allowing your child to consume the material on their own schedule.
  4. Whole-student focus - PrepWell's curriculum goes far beyond the nuts-and-bolts of college applications. We integrate real-world skills such as manual literacy, social media management, self-advocacy, confidence, computer file management, entreprenuership, email etiquette, smart social media choices, self-defense, etc.
  5. Small digestible bites - We prefer to deliver our education in digestible bites over a longer period of time to avoid the typical stress and overwhelm of junior and senior year.
  6. Process as much as outcome - We believe the skills (e.g. research, testing strategies, interview skills, project management, etc.) inherent in the college application process are just as important as the outcome of where your child gets accepted to school. We teach these "7 Repeatable Life Skills" to ensure your child has the ability to remain flexible and re-invent themselves as needed.
  7. As good for you as for your child - With PrepWell, you have access to the information online and can get as involved (or uninvolved) as you like. 
  8. Cost-effective - an affordable investment compared to alternatives

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