There are several ways we serve students and their families within each of the Plans. We hope this flexibility allows a wide range of families to participate in the program. Each option involves an increasing level of interaction, personal engagement, and investment:

  1. Online, virtual teaching. PrepWell's primary and most affordable method of teaching is through weekly videos. Each of our plans (Pathway, Ivy, Military, Athlete) delivers concise, easily digestible, and perfectly-timed videos that align with what's happening during the school year.
  2. PrepWell Academy Journals. Many students enjoy having a tangible notebook to guide them through the weekly videos. The journal provides an outline of each topic and asks the student to record the most relevant takeaways from each video. 
  3. The Size-Up. Our most popular consulting engagement where I interview your child for 45 minutes about their current status. After our session, I prepare a Student Readiness Scorecard that grades your child in a variety of dimensions compared to their peers (e.g. conscientiousness, presentation, academics, extracurriculars, leadership, athletics, work experience, college knowledge, etc.). Cost for interview and written assessment: $300.
  4. 1:1 Consulting. Some students need more guidance than others. For students who want to supplement or reinforce the information presented in the weekly videos, there are opportunities to book 1:1 time with Phil Black throughout the year.
  5. Private Mentorship Plan. Our highest-level of personal service and mentorship based on the specific needs of a student. The program includes all of the video lessons, the PrepWell Journal, the Size-Up, Student Readiness Scorecard, as well as regularly scheduled 1-on-1 sessions with me. [Note: I only accept a handful of students per year for this Plan. Please contact me to check availability.]

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