PrepWell 1.0

Our most popular and affordable plan that provides 52 Weekly video lessons – with me as your virtual mentor and coach – and covers everything you need to know throughout each year of high school – with the same exact content as you would receive in PrepWell 2.0 at a fraction of the cost.

And, importantly, unlike 2.0, you can enroll in this program at anytime.

PrepWell 1.0 works best if you fall into one of these categories:

  1. Affordability: It’s the only program that fits within your budget (affordable monthly investment, no upfront cost, cancel at any time)
  2. Missed 2.0 enrollment: You missed the PrepWell 2.0 enrollment period and you don’t want to wait until it re-opens in June and miss months and months of important information. If that’s the case, you can enroll in PrepWell 1.0 today, begin receiving all the content, and upgrade to 2.0 during the next enrollment period.
  3. Student engagement: You want to provide ample guidance and support during the year, but also want to see your child engaged in the process. You want them to feel invested and to have some skin in the game. You value the lessons that will be learned during the process and believe that too much help and over-engineering is a flawed long-term strategy for all parties involved.
  4. Parent education – You want to educate yourself about the process. Maybe your child is slower to mature or has executive function challenges or they’re just not quite ready to engage with the content on their own yet. You can learn the material yourself and decide how best to impart this knowledge to your child when the time is right.
  5. Multiple students: The program works well for teachers, coaches, mentors, and others who want to provide these lessons to a larger group of students, athletes, or parents (e.g. Elite Sport Club Teams, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, National Charity League, PTSA, private schools, YMCA, etc.). Please get in touch with us to make arrangements to deploy this content to more than one person at a time.
  6. Aspiring athletes or military hopefuls: If your son or daughter has hopes to play college sports or gain acceptance to a service academy (e.g. West Point) or an ROTC program, we have premium plans that cover these topics.

PrepWell 2.0

Our premium plan that provides 52 Weekly video lessons – with me as your virtual mentor and coach – and covers everything you need to know throughout each year of high school – and a whole lot more.

Note: The PrepWell Academy 2.0 Premium Plan is currently closed for new members. We hope to see you back in May 2018 when we re-open enrollment. In the meantime, please enroll in PrepWell 1.0 today, so that you don't fall behind by an entire year. We can always upgrade you to 2.0 in May if you'd like to continue in the premium plan.

The 2.0 plan works best for people who like the: (1) convenience of online education, (2) affordability, (3) optional 1:1 counseling sessions, (4) accountability to keep their child on track.

Here’s what you’ll receive with the PrepWell Academy 2.0 program:

  1. Weekly video lessons from me, your mentor, where I walk your child through exactly what they need to know every week of the year.
  2. PrepWell Journal - a 56-page, high quality, spiral bound journal which students use to capture their thoughts and reinforce key concepts as they watch the videos. It also acts as an accountability tool that we use during our "check-in" sessions throughout the year. Parents find the journal helpful as a conversation-starter and tangible measure of their child's progress that they can peruse at their leisure.
  3. 30-minute Onboarding session - once your child submits their Personal Profile, we thoroughly review their background, activities, and interests prior to our initial Onboarding session. The onboarding session (typically conducted by Skype or Facetime) builds rapport, orients them to the program, helps with summer goal-setting, and establishes an accountability partner not named Mom or Dad.
  4. Student Readiness Assessment - after our Onboarding session, we provide you with an assessment (or snapshot) of your child’s readiness across several dimensions (e.g. maturity, energy, motivation, preparedness, academic trajectory, extracurriculars, college awareness, etc.). Parents are amazed at what they discover about their children within this assessment.
  5. Weekly Engagement Email and Texts Reminders - these friendly prompts remind students that a new video has posted and give parents a summary of what their child will be learning each week.
  6. Discounted 1-on-1 Sessions - after the included Onboarding session, optional subsequent mentoring sessions are available to you and/or your child at a discounted rate ($75/per 30-mins) based on the needs of your child. A typical PrepWeller schedules between 2-4 "check-in" sessions over the course of the year to ensure that they are staying on track and maintaining high levels of confidence. The regularity of these optional "check-in" sessions vary by grade and student. These optional sessions are typically (and strategically) conducted in September, January, and May.
  7. Premium options - just like with 1.0, PrepWell 2.0 also offers premium options for students aspiring to play sports in college (scholarship or not) and for those interested in getting more educated about military options (Service Academies or ROTC).