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As your virtual mentor and coach – I deliver one video lesson per week for the entire year where I cover everything you need to know about the college admissions process starting as early as freshman year.

In these videos, I shares the life strategies, disciplines, and habits that helped me succeed in some of life's most challenging environments.

The weekly video "drips" spread out critical information into digestible bites that students and parents can keep up with. We prefer this teaching method over a panic-inducing "data dump" experienced in the middle of junior year - often when it's too late.

Premier Plans

The Premier Plans cater to students who are considering applying to the most competitive programs and environments (e.g. Ivy League, College Athletics, Military Service). These plans include a PrepWell Journal, a 1-on-1 consultation with me, a Student Readiness Report, and email and text reminders. This is perfect for the motivated student who wants to learn the subtle secrets of breaking into world-class institutions.

Private Plan

The Private Plan delivers our highest-level of personal service and mentorship based on the specific needs of a student. The program includes all of the video lessons, the PrepWell Journal, Student Readiness Assessment, as well as additional 1-on-1 sessions with me. I also open up my entire personal and professional network to help my Private students to maximize summer experiences, job, and internship opportunities. [Notably, I only accept a handful of students per year for the Private plan. Please connect with me to check availability.]

A Gradual Upgrade

These Plans allow students to engage in the process at whatever level suits them best at the time. Some students begin with Pathway, advance to Premier, and end up in the Private Plan based on their aspirations and timing. 

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