Why PrepWell

Why choose PrepWell Academy over a traditional, full-service, "Cadillac" college counselor?

PrepWell Academy's educational model is different from traditional full-service "Cadillac" college counselors in many ways:

  1. Cost-effective - most Cadillac counselors charge thousands and thousands of dollars. PrepWell Academy charges a fraction of this cost.
  2. Whole-student focus - most Cadillac counselors don't have a lot of time to focus on the whole student. They need to get applications out the door. The PrepWell curriculum goes far beyond the nuts-and-bolts of college applications. We integrate real-world skills such as manual literacy, tool identification and use, safe driving practices, self-advocacy, confidence, computer file management, email etiquette, smart social media choices, self-defense, etc.
  3. Start earlier – most Cadillac counselors start their work in junior/senior year. We think this creates a lot of pressure for everyone involved. We aim to start far earlier - ideally after 8th grade graduation. Of course, we have PrepWellers who enroll at all grade levels - but we believe the earlier we start – the better.
  4. Online – some Cadillac counselors offer online counseling via Skype or Facetime, but this arrangement is still limited by the need to coordinate the extremely hectic schedules of students, parents, and counselors. The last thing most families need is another "event" to schedule. Our education is delivered online, allowing your child to consume the material on their own schedule.
  5. Small digestible bits - most Cadillac counselors have no choice but to unload an enormous amount of information all at once (usually during junior year). We prefer to deliver our education in smaller bits over a longer period of time to avoid the typical stress and overwhelm of junior and senior year.
  6. Process as much as outcome - most Cadillac counselors don’t have the luxury of time, so they focus on getting the applications done at all costs. We believe the skills (e.g. research, testing strategies, interview skills, project management, etc.) inherent in the college application process are just as important as the outcome of where the student gets accepted to school. We teach these "8 Repeatable Life Skills" to ensure that students have the ability to remain flexible and re-invent themselves as needed for years to come. 
  7. Optional face-to-face mentorship - most Cadillac counselors offer "package deals" for 20, 40, 60-hour blocks of dedicated time with them. We take a different approach. Depending on which PrepWell program you choose, you have the option to have as many or as few 1:1 sessions as you feel your child needs.
  8. As good for you as for your child - most Cadillac counselors don't have a lot of time to bring the parents up to speed with what's happening during the process. With PrepWell, parents have access to the information online and can get as involved (or uninvolved) as they like. 
  9. My perspective - many Cadillac counselors come from backgrounds as college admissions officers, teachers, or guidance counselors. This gives them deep and impressive knowledge about the college admissions process. This focus, however, sometimes limits their experience in what happens in the real world. I use my wide-ranging experiences as a Div I recruited college athlete, Yale and Harvard Business School graduate, Goldman Sachs Investment Banker, Navy SEAL Officer, entrepreneur, firefighter, high-performance coach, husband and father of four children to inform each of the weekly lessons. Your child will be exposed to the disciplines, mindset, habits, and strategies that lead to world-class success. 

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