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PrepWell Academy is an innovative, online mentoring program that delivers weekly instructional videos to students (and their parents) that prepare them for the college admissions process.            

Click the links below for a small sampling of highlights from the lessons you will receive as a member.

Basic Plan: A yearlong plan that delivers timely, relevant, and valuable information that every senior needs to succeed in high school. Weekly lessons help students tackle standardized tests, the application process, essays, letters of recommendations, and financial aid deadlines.

Athlete Plan: Basic Plan + bonus material for students who aspire to earn an athletic scholarship to college. Athlete-specific lessons include: summer workout programs, recruitment calendars, how to get exposure, the perfect email to send to college coaches, how to create a highlight reel, NCAA eligibility, etc.

Military/ROTC Plan: Basic Plan + bonus material for students considering military options for college (e.g. U.S. Naval Academy, West Point, ROTC programs). Lessons include: service academies vs. ROTC, when/where/why/how to apply, how to secure a nomination, interview skills, how to crush the physical fitness test, etc.

Sample lesson topics:

About PrepWell Academy | Meet your mentor: Phil Black | Why senior year matters | Early Decision vs. Early Action vs. Regular Decision | Conquering the Common Application | Creating a target list of colleges | How to submit Standardized Test Scores | How to organize your school search | How to optimize your college visits | How to send your transcript | Best websites to research colleges | How to fill out the FAFSA forms | How to secure Letters of Recommendation | College application deadlines | How to write memorable college essays | Financial Aid considerations | Should I take the SAT again? | College Interview Skills | How to find scholarship money | What about a Gap Year | Colleges that don't require SAT scores | University versus College | How to find the best fit | Final college visits | Getting wait-listed | How many schools should I apply to? | Financial Aid deadlines | How to choose among your favorite schools | Choosing between a Liberal Arts or Pre-Professional College | College Majors | Top 10 Mandatory Life Skills | Dealing with rejection | How to compare financial aid offers | What to do the summer before college | and much more...

Lesson themes include: (1) advice, (2) deadline reminders, (3) life skills, (4) inspiration, and (5) projects.  Most lessons are 5-7 minutes in duration.

If you think your child (and you) would benefit from this weekly mentoring program, please enroll in your selected course from the right margin.

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